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Hi, my name is Mathäus!

I´m a 22 year old freelance photographer from Tyrol, Austria. My work is mainly focused on outdoor, adventure sports and lifestyle photography. I grew up in the heart of the Alps and detected my love to the mountains pretty early. As time drew on photography became more and more important in my life and is meanwhile my biggest passion! I like to challenge myself to get the best result out of it. 


I capture impressions and special moments in my life! With my authentic and emotional pictures I'm trying to inspire the people for new adventures and escape them from their daily routines! 


Interested in working together? I´m avialable for adventure sports, travel, outdoor and lifestyle projects worldwide. Simply get in touch with me via mail mathaeus.g@gmx.at



photography projects including:

outdoor and adventure sports, lifestyle, people, travel imagery,

product placement and events, long-term partnerships, ambassador roles,

social media, blogs and all kinds of digital content, aerial photography


For prints please contact me via mail mathaeus.g@gmx.at

Mathäus Gartner

Goetschenweg 12

6364 Brixen im Thale


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